In this entry, I am twenty years old, I’m in my second year at Wayne State University and I’m super into photography.

December 31, 2001 4:20 am

I was watching Pink Floyd’s The Wall today with Jon. It made me think about stuff. (naturally) Take the meaning of life, for example. 

My interpretation- the meaning of life is DEATH. We (as humans) are animals. Just like everything else on the Earth, we are all ONE with the planet. In this I mean “From dust unto dust you shall return”. After we die and our souls leave our bodies, our physical self begins to decompose. Eventually, our bodies will turn back into soil, and the nutrients (or whatever) moves throughout the soil and turns into something else. A plant, a rock, a flower, a bird, food for other animals, I think you get the picture. Everything that is living will die and then decompose and then be reincarnated. It is a cycle. We are all part of the Earth. Even our souls are part of the cycle. 

I believe in heaven and hell. The reason for hell is easy- Population Control. When we die, at the moment we breathe our last breath, our soul leaves our body and goes to stand in line to see God. When you finally get to see him, you chat it up for a minute, then he shows you your life from beginning to end. The whole thing and commercial free! 

Then he asks you,”Where do you deserve to go? Heaven or Hell? And you will choose your own fate. But because you’re standing before God, you will not cheat- it’s impossible. You’ll know where you deserve to go. If it is heaven, you are represented on earth by a star. That is why the Universe is always expanding. Then, eventually, your turn will come to receive a body once more (only if you please) and go back to Earth to live once more reincarnated appropriately from consequences of past actions ( good/ bad).  That is why the Universe will contract as more people are reincarnated, which brings me back to hell.

I said it was population control because if you were “bad” in your life, you don’t get to be reincarnated. And you have to spend eternity in your worst nightmare/ fear. Unless you win the monthly lottery and get a second chance to redeem yourself back on Earth. Don’t mess up.

That is my idea for the afterlife. I am confident that I will be a star! 


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